Who we are


We are a small and happy growing family in every way, we are alwais on the go with manyideas to implement. There’s me, Cristina, Giulio husband and dad who puts up with us and Maddalena Virginia our immense joy. Everything was born as a game in 2016…We had three-room apartment with balcony in the locality Genico that we only used for dinners and parties with friends, and another three-room and two-room apartment in the center of Lierna. They were not inhabited, so we tried to put them on top vacation rental websites and….go! The first booking, then the second and so on. We were excited but also afraid of our crazy adventure undertaken, not being of the trade and not knowing the languages, we were afraid we wouldn’t make it, but with courtesy and sympathy everything went well. We are not professionals, but we do our best to welcome our guest sas best we can.

+39.338.5960026 Cristina – mavistiocasevacanza@gmail.com